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OD-H135EX Explosionproof EN54 and EXD Compliant 35W Horn Outdoor Speaker

Industrial and Commercial graded 30Watt Explosion proof Outdoor Horn Speaker
Ideally for Explosion proof, EVAC, BGM music & Public announcement
Supports Explosive gas mixture aetmosphere Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2
Supports Explosive gas mixture condition IIA,IIB and IIC
Temerature grade supported between T1 to T6 Level
Horn driver unit can produce high sound pressure levels as well as good music sound effect
Product designed to compliant with the explosion-proof EXDII CT6 and EN54-24 EVAC
Stainless still bracked and full steel enclosure
Fire Resistant design of terminal, dome. fire-resistant 95 Degree Celsius thermal fuse and cable
Rated Power Output 25W and max up to 50W Ceiling Speaker
Constant 100V/70V Line Input Matching Transformer
RED color painted for easy guidance and better interior looks
Waterproof IP65 Prection and dust protection capability
User friend installation by U Shaped Mounting Bracket
Suitable spaces Petro Refinary, Gas and Petrol station, Power Plant, Avaitation Industries, Extreme hostile environment and manymore