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OD-N9TI Network Telephone Control Unit

Allow to connect with PBX telephone switchboard and the public telephone network via the analog phone line
1 FXO interface (standard) with options of the 4/8/16 FXO interfaces (for two or more calls)
Make a random full-duplex intercom to any IP terminals through the outside line
Available for the external line input to broadcast to the IP terminals
Auto off announcement after Phone hang off
Telephone Calling over LAN/WAN and Ethernet network


OD-N9FI Network Fire Interface Control Unit

32 alarming short circuit inputs and 8 short-circuit outputs
Multiple IP network alarm matrixes can be used to extend the range of the interfaces
Automatically send the alarm signal to the server and broadcast the task programmed in advance
Alarm audio files preserved in the server to save the effort to install the “Alarm Generator”
Support LAN/WAN and Ethernet system, support over gateway and router


OD-N9MC Network Mixing Console

Single touch broadcasting function (with 8 programmable buttons to preset the program source and target partitions)
Wireless remote controller (Its digit keys are available for the one-touch broadcast and the control distance of 300 meters)
8 audio inputs (6 for microphone & 2 for lines) and 1 audio output
Remotely broadcast to other IP terminals through network
All Zone or Individual Zone Announcement, Volume adjustable
Support LAN/WAN and Ethernet system, support over gateway and router
4.3″ LCD Display and Display Running programs
Fast Forward, Backward and Pause control
Power up time is <1sec
Wall Mount Installation design