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OD-N9WA Network 20W Wall Amplifier

20W Network wall class D amplifier
High speed ARM+DSP Processor
Built-in Audio Controller with 20Wclass-D amplification with power out 8 Ohms(60W Optional)
Remote configuration and up gradation
Support LAN/WAN Ethernet system, support over gateway and router
1 Analog Audio Input with Local volume Control
1 Analog Audio output to connect External amplifier
Wide range of network Protocol such as TCP,UDP,IGMP,ICMP,ARP
Multiple options of Audio codec like ADPCM,MP3, MP2, PCM
LED Indicators to shows the status offline, online system and many more
Power up time is <1sec
less emission of the heat and higher efficiency
Compact and Wall Mount installation design


OD-N932CS Channel selector & volume control

Supported with OD-NP9WA
Select 32 Program channel
15 levels of Volume Control
Powered by Wall Amplifier
Max Dis. 10M to Wall Amplifier