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OD-NA120 120W Network Mixer Amplifier

120W Network audio mixer Class D amplifier
Designed IP PA Amplifier for the small size multiple room application such as warehouse, hospital, school and office
Built-in Audio Controller and 120W Class D(constant voltage of 100V) amplification
Multiple music programs could be matrix distributed from server to different zones
Built-up over existing LAN/WAN network system, non-dedicated network system is needed
Built-in 2 Line Color LCD Display
Support LAN/WAN, Ethernet system, support over gateway and router
Wide range of network Protocol such as TCP,UDP,IGMP,ICMP,ARP
3 mic inputs, 2 aux inputs and 1 line output, With 100V speaker outputs by screw terminal
Separate volume and tone control for each 5 inputs
VOX Priority override Input at Front panel MIC 1
Output priority level can be define from 5 sources, editable network program
Third party system integration by 0V alarm output port
less emission of the heat and higher efficiency
Automatic Standby power-saving mode when no signal input
19” Ready rack mount Installation design


OD-ZP60 60W 6 Zone Mixer PA Power Amplifier

Built-in 6 Zone 60W mixer PA amplifier with emergency priority announcement
Individual 6 zone speaker 100V/70V rated power out
6 Zone Individual Volume controls
Single amplifier supports up to 6 remote paging microphones and max up to 300mtrs
Emergency input with highest priority announcement
Built-in MP3 player by USB & SD and FM tuner.
4 Microphone In/2 line input
Microphone1 of VOX features of highest input priority except EMC input.
Volume control for Mic1-4 and line 1-2, bass & treble volume controls
LED Indicator for Zone Status, output level and etc.
AC and DC operation, Overload, high temp. and short circuit protection
19″ rack mount 2U design
Ideally for emergency, pre amplifier , Paging system, Standard PA and BGM System application


OD-ZPS 6 Zone Remote Paging Station

Built-In 6 Zone remote paging microphone
Max. supported 6 remote microphones with one amplifier
Multiple remote microphones cascaded together for use.
Chime pre alert before annoucement
6 Zone selection, Three color Indicators(Power, Message, Busy)
Reset/Cancel, All zone call, Individual Call buttons
Master & slave configuration with two RJ45 Ports Input/Expansion Out
microphone volume control and aux input.
Cat-5/6 communication and max up to 300M
Dual Power Options Powered by amplifier/DC24V