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Telephone Interface
OD-D405 Telephone Interface
Features :
• The OD-D405 can automatically answer an incoming phone call and broadcast the caller's voice    over the public address system and even to individual zones. A microphone input is provided for    talking back to the caller. It can also be used to remotely start up the PA system and activate    other equipments.
• Built-in monitor speaker and volume contro.l
• Automatic or manual mode optiona.l
• Activation output can be used to trigger other equipment remotely.
Specifications :
• MIC: 400-775mV(0dB)
• Audio Output: 10mV-330V;
• Active Out: 0V short circuit singal
• Built-in stereo HiFi full range speaker, power>100mW / 2-5 times
• AC Fuse: 0.5A, 10~15watts
• AC 220V +/- 10% 50-60Hz; 24VDC
• 89(H)x 483(W) x 350(D) mm
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