Odionix is one of the leading Commercial & pro audio sound manufacturer for P A Systems, PA Amplifiers, PA Speakers, Professional Amplifiers, Professional Speakers, Microphones, & other accessories.

We manufacture a complete range of public address, conference system and sound reinforcement equipments such as amplifiers, microphones, speakers, sound box, sound columns, drivers and horns, and audio mixers.
We offer high quality products at competitive price to meet different requirements for industry applications. Our goal is to provide innovative products and services, which meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Our products, from every procedure of planning, designing, manufacturing, and after-sales service, all continually stress quality improvement. Throughout our company and in all our products, we have a complete and connected quality guarantee system. Highest quality standards are maintained and the products are supplied after thorough checking and testing. The company has highly qualified staff of technicians and engineers, which handles the entire operations with full perfection. The company has highly advanced infrastructure incorporated with state-of-the-art technology to build the products that are flexible and reliable.
By emphasizing R&D, we are continually introducing new products, new types and increasing our capacity to satisfy customers’ needs of today and tomorrow. All this was brought about by faith in our products, and for without our customers, success would have never been ours. With strict quality control throughout production to get our finished products, we strive for minimal defects thus higher customers’ satisfaction. Our punctual shipments add to the quality service our clients receive. Our customers, throughout the world, now consider Odionix their best PA & AV SYSTEM source. We have confidence that can win your trust too!
For our advanced technology research, well-trained specialists and strict quality control, we have enjoyed the highest reputation and confidence both in overseas and domestic markets.